Jeff Bezos Slams Nigerian Born Professor Uju Anya after she wished Queen Elizabeth a “Excruciating De💀th
Billionaire, Jeff Bezos wasn’t too happy when he came across a tweet from Uju Anya a college professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

After the palace issued a statement about the Queens medical status Anya expressed her wish through a since deleted tweet for the queen to have an ‘excruciating’ death.

The Amazon founder quoted Anya’s tweet and said, “This is someone supposedly working to make the world better?” I don’t think so,” Bezos added. “Wow
Anya double back tweeting directly at Bezos , “May everyone you and your merciless greed have harmed in this world remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers.”

The descendants of innocent people who were enslaved and killed by the colonizers are rising up to give their wishes, be it well or not. They are speaking up.

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