The kind of guests I see on this job ehn…I am just flabbergasted sometimes.

So this man comes to the hotel to book a room.
He first said, someone made a reservation for him.
The name he mentioned was not in our reservation list

Then he made a call.
And said the person is coming.

He is tired and needed to rest. His flight blah blah blah.
The receptionist checked him in.

About 30inutes later, he had a guest

She said she wanted to see her cousin.

What is his name, she said Mr bsbsjsjd.

We didnt have that kind of name.

Then she said he is Mr hshsh, he is in room 000 and he just returned from Malaysia.

They asked her to call him.

She called.

“Her cousin” is the man.

To be sure, reception called his room through the intercom, he told them to allow her come in.

About two hours later, he called reception and said the person who booked the room is on his way and his name is Mr hsjsjs, he also wants to take another room, blah blah blah.

They said; okay.

An hour later, he came downstairs and was asking the receptionist where he can buy condoms.

We had condoms.
Different varieties.

He said he didn’t want the different ones they showed him.
They are substandard and cheap…the one he uses us about 10 dollars….but he is sure of protection, blah blah blah

He mentioned one product.
We didn’t have it.

He asked if there is a chemist around.
He wants to try and see if they will have it.
They directed him on how to get there.

Long story short, oga left

Like, him just go.


Over 4 hours now, he hasn’t returned.
The girl came downstairs and was asking where is the restaurant, they told her it’s inside the building.

Then she asked for the outside lounge, claiming she wanted to smoke.
They directed her on how to go there.

Fam, instead of going to the lounge, she started heading to the gate.

The Potter was sharp.
He saw her kurukere moment and stopped her.
Then alerted security.
We told her to pay for the room before leaving the hotel premises or wait till the man returns.

These people came to the hotel, messed up the room, and wanted to leave just like that.
Infact there was even used condoms in the toilet.

She definitely realised that she has been played and wanted to also run.

She has been swearing and cursing.
She doesn’t have the money to pay for room and room service, but e no concern me.
I am Frank Edoho, let her “phone a friend ‘.

Our people say; Oke soro ngweri ma mmiri…

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