Igbo women are hard workers . I won’t lie

I meet an igbo nurse last night here who is stocked and stranded

Married and with 3 kids ( she came to me talking about how she can’t go back to Nigeria .. and how she spent millions coming )

She said she resigned from luth hospital Lagos to come here ( and her first job which paid her 12,000 aed ) she only did it for one month . .. now her visa can’t be renewed and she can’t go back to Nigeria cos according to her she is gonna be laughed at and mocked and nothing to go back to .

She cried so much and asked if she could be under my family visa .. I told her no ( I might need my wife under it tomorrow or my sister or any of my igbo vvomen cousins ) who knows that I am sorry I can’t .

Took her to agency and right ther she called her husbands and her husbands was scolding her madly saying “I warned you .. but you won’t listen .. I warned you … barely just a month life hit you and now you are crying .. what do you want me to do “

She said to the husband “sell that land and send me money so I can do a family visa and stay over here .. that you too can also join me “

The husband replied .. over my death body ( it was your wish to travel abroad and work as a nurse …it wasn’t my own wish … I and my kids have no plans of joining you there “ .. if you wanna stay keep staying and o wish you luck

Call ended and this igbo vvoman was in mad tears .. i felt for her but I can’t do anything

Igbo vvomen too they hustle hard … they say them too clever and smart … but then no Dey hear word .

E work for her no mean say e go work for you … listen to your husbands igbo women .

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