Nigerian student who was declared missing in Cyprus, was actually arrested for a§§aulting his girlfriend and is in custody — Report
Abdulsamad Abubakar, a 28-year-old student who was reported missing in Northern Cyprus, is reported to have been arrested by the police for a§§aulting his girlfriend.
According to CyprusNews247, “Samad was arrested for a§§aulting his girlfriend about a month ago, he’s currently in custody. According to neighbor’s statements, Samad and his girlfriend always argue and f#ght at their residence, which prompts the police to regularly visit their home.
Samad resisted the police arrest, which led them to arrest him. According to neighbor’s statement, he was arguing with an officer on that day he called his mom. Resisting an officer arrest is a criminal offense. His landlord revealed that after his arrest, he’ll be deported back to Nigeria adding that he’s fine and nothing is wrong with him.”

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