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“Regrettably, comprehensive medical examination showed that my case of nephrotic syndrome is a GENETIC illness and the doctors advised against donation from any of my family members, as it would likely reoccur. In the time that my father has been incarcerated, he has been diagnosed with acute kidney damage.” ~Sonia Ekweremmadu, ill daughter of Nigeria’s former deputy Senate President.

Things to Note….

  1. Her condition is Genetic…. Which means that it is in the bloodline. All Human beings on earth inherited something NEGATIVE genetically. The question is DO YOU KNOW YOUR OWN GENETIC ILLNESS?
    What killed your grandparents is likely going to kill you too. Have you studied what kills people in your family or are you a follower of Prophets who claim to possess power to cancel Generational curse? Be wise and fight your genetic battle scientifically.
  2. Her father has been diagnosed with acute kidney damage.

Yes, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu also has kidney problem and I’m deeply concerned how he’s able to manage that while in prison.

Conclusion: Find out if you have Genetic conditions which may put your kidneys at risk of failure in the future. Lupus – an autoimmune disease is the silent killer of kidneys in Nigeria but goes undiagnosed.

My Offer…
I am offering Sonia Ekweremmadu connections to an American Transhumanist who can assist with arranging an Artificial Kidney.

Biological organs have failed us and this is where Transhumanism comes in. Anyone who knows Sonia should ask her to get in touch – we have the science that can solve her problem.

Charles Awuzie – Afro-Transhumanist.

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