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Now peep this On the 17th of Feb 2021 Fulani Bandits attacked a secondary school in Kagara, Niger State, shot & killed one student, & abducted 27 others.

2 days later after the abduction he SHAIKH ABUBAKAR GUMI was given an official Hilux vehicle to go & negotiate with the terrorist and peep who was sitting right next to him , yep …. Tukur Manu .. he was right next to him …

Gumi went into the deadly camp of the Fulani Bandits, deep in the forest, in company of his team. Which is made up of now arrested Tukur Manu, and former NHIS Executive Secretary, Usman Yusuf to negotiate.

The bandits gave them a very loving welcome, as Gumi was recieved by the leader…

After this trip and their claimed negotiation ..

The government paid them about 800 million for this

Afterwards he Gumi made the daring statement that the FG should pay the bandits amnesty just like they do to Niger delta militant …

There’s more ..

Now that the government has gotten one of their sponsors ..

They have seized several phones and books that connects him with other top officials …

What do you think will happen next 🤔🤔🤔…

By the way there’s been report of potential attack in Abuja … that could be carried out soon …

So we just saying Abuja peeps should be very vigilant ..

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