“Police planted drugs in my Uber. Asked me to pay 50k, I told them it’s not possible because I have asthma + I did a drug test recently and I have my results with me. They let me go but kept on saying “if we wan set you up, we go set you up, all that one you dey talk. Na English”
~Solomon Osinloye.

“The other guys were arrested because they had juju with them.”
“Nigerian Police are not your friends.”

“One time I almost got arrested for carrying a mouth spray. They searched me and found a mouth spray in my pocket. You could see the joy on their faces because they thought it contained something illegal. I told them it was just mouth spray to keep my breath fresh.”

“They didn’t listen to me, they started pushing me to their van. All the while I kept on saying read the gaddam thing, he looked at it but unfortunately reading and writing is not a skill that is required to join the NPF. I got to the van and then their Sherlock took the spray, read it and said, “why you Dey use mouth spray? Fine boy like you Dey get mouth odour”

“…..Everytime I’m out late and I get stopped by Police, the first thing I do is dail my dad or girlfriend, just so someone else knows where I am and what’s going on. I’m more afraid of the Police than the so-called dangers of the night.”
“Actually, they are the danger of the night.”


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