In 2013 or thereabouts, I met this 22 year old well sought after girl on facebook with thousands of followers . I first noticed her as she kept telling me that I should behave like my age on practically every post that I made .

She later on started attacking females who paid me compliments on my posts as if we were dating . It got to a point that I contemplated blocking her and on the other hand I enjoyed seeing her comments on my post and her pretty face plus her wide hips , yansh and firm legs . That babe is hot !

Finally I went inbox to chat her up and was surprised how sweet this person I thought was a ‘Tiger’ was . We spoke for a long while that first time and after that every day after she returned from her university classes . Eventually we fell in love and became inseparable.

In 2014 , I started considering marrying her and by 2015 I was mentally ready for her . Every one I asked for their opinion were like ‘she is too young , marry someone about 40 years old and if possible a single mother this way you will not be changing diapers at an old age , you help her raise her kids and she will be there for you at an old age so will her children ‘.

In her case ‘ Marry a younger man that you will both grow together not this old man that you will soon be baby sitting!. All of a sudden a curvy single mother with four children popped into my life and I started thinking maybe this is the babe the ndi marriage partner advisers were talking about and before I can say ‘Jack Robison ‘ I gave up someone I have known for two years or more and married someone I met within two months .

One of the conditions I gave this single mother before we got married was that the marriage be kept secret to allow me inform my brothers , children and this young babe first and not that they suddenly find out . The single mother did not keep her word . One of my brother’s wife called me the next day after the wedding to ask why she and my brother were not invited to the wedding ?

I was like what wedding ? She said it was on Linda Ikeji blog with photos and even Naira land and Guardian Newspapers. That was the first time ever I heard of Linda Ikeji blog . I asked the single mother why she did not keep to our deal ? She said it was to let all my girl friends know that I got married . Next thing I know I was getting clips from Guardian Newspapers from friends about her changing her maiden name to my last name and all ‘former documents remain valid ‘

This young babe found out and it was not a pleasant separation that I ended up blocking her everywhere social media and WhatsApp not to deteriorate our relationship further by what we say to ourselves in anger . Two years after marrying the ‘marry an older woman and If possible with children that you will help her train , this way she will be there for you in your old age ‘ , we had an award winning divorce . Herself and the children that were supposed to be there for me in my old age beat me up to near death before they moved out of my house.

I went back to unblock my young babe to peep into her wall to see what she has been up to . I just saw her graduation from law school and I blocked her back but unblocked her on WhatsApp and direct calls . She must have noticed I unblocked her on WhatsApp as not long after she sent her law school graduation photos with a message thanking me for being supportive and being there during her education and she had wished that I would have been at her graduation and be proud of her . Yes! With her graduation photos I was proud of her .

Since I was emotionally damaged from divorce I did not want to go back to her to repair me . I felt that she must have gone through her own disconnect from me so let me let her be and I did not even respond to her message thanking me as any communication may bring us back and I wanted her to meet someone new .

A year after my divorce she got married and sent me Whatsap photos of her wedding and I went and unblocked her again to see the full wedding events on her wall then re blocked her though I responded to her by congratulating her and only kept WhatsApp chat with her to birthday messages once a year .

Suddenly late last year she started communication with me on video this time looking more matured and even more beautiful than when we were together. Eventually after a few video calls I had to ask where her husband was as she was being free talking in the house ! That is when she said she has moved out of her matrimonial home separated and waiting for final divorce decree to be free of him .

She said she was never herself in her marriage and not as free as when we were together. As my friend I kept the calls to give her emotional support . Thank GOD she has her own money as a lawyer as I asked if she needed financial help being that she has children with her and she said no , just emotional support .

What is all this grammar about ?
I just met a young lady and the same ‘marry an older woman bla bla bla ‘ have come again to advise me ! . I married an older woman with children ‘bla bla bla’ before it did not work . My young babe married a younger man that they were supposed to ‘grow old together’ but that marriage lasted about four years not a life time .

Bottom line who you marry is not by age but by understanding and commitment because if I had married my young babe we will still be together being deep friends .

I know , I know, I know that question :
‘Why don’t you marry her now since it seems like you both love each other ‘? . I will give that reason in my book .

Since I live by myself let me be going with my Nigerian food that I just bought from Toyin African Restaurant

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