I paid N30,000 for two fresh human sk¥lls for money rit¥als — Notorious rit¥alist apprehended in Oyo State
Two men, Ganiyu Maruf & Bashiru Basit, were prevented by Amotekun Corps in Oyo State from being l¥nched by an angry mob on Thursday after they were found in possession of two human sk¥lls
It is reported that the suspects were caught while they were trying to retrieve the sk¥lls, hidden in a sack, from a bush in Agunpopo community where they had kept them. One of the suspects, Maruf, claimed to have bought the sk¥lls, meant to be used by him & Basit for money rit¥al, at the rate of N30,000
Our source learnt that Amotekun had noticed earlier through its surveillance team that some men would go into the bush and emerge with a cellophane bag & leave. This was said to have prompted the planting of some people there to keep watch. Early on Thursday, at about 6.30 a.m the suspects were said to have arrived in the area & when queried by the residents, they could not give a convincing explanation

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