Honestly, I don’t know what to call this, a woman in her mid fifties I assumed, approached me last year inside like 12 market, she was like Aunty please give me 100 naira I want to buy food, oh! My goodness I exclaimed😢, I sighted a food vendor across, and told her to go there, buy I will pay, she said okay Aunty mi, but I will prefer to usee the money and buy palm oil to cook for my children at home, my heart bled 💔I said okay, go and take palm oil there,( my mistake) the Hausa man selling groundnut oil/palm oil has been my customer for many years, opposite him was where I wanted to buy pepper/tomatoes, so I was backing the oil vendor, I just turned and told him to give the woman oil and add it to my bill. She went to him, and the man was calling me, Chi, make I give her this one, I replied without turning, give am.
After I finished with my pepper I went to the oil vendor, this woman took kings oil of 3,800, my heart was shattered, I thought she will buy palm oil 1 bottle of 800 highest, I ran after her but she has gone, I paid for what I never budgeted 😢 .
Guess what, yesterday same woman came to meet me again that she wants 100naira for food, I said okay, I told her to follow me, let me collect my change from someone and give her, she agreed, I took her to my oil vendor and reminded her that same incident that happened, she hissed at me and walked away, saying in Yoruba language because of ordinary kings oil I want to spoil her business, haa! Mogbe 🙆 the Hausa man said that’s why people stopped giving them money, I should stop too.

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