When Dr Sebi Was Taken To Court For Claiming That He Has Medicine That Can Cure Aids. The Judge Told Him To Bring 9 People That He Cured. Dr Sebi Brought 70 People & Won The Case. This Was In 1987. Actually Two Famous Celebrities Tried To Make Documentaries About The Life Of Dr Sebi. One Died In A Car Crash The Other One Was Shot. Dr Sebi Himself Was Later Poisoned. If You Want To Heal People. Heal Small Things Like Headaches & Flu. Once You Start Touching Cancer. Diabetes. Blindness. They’ll Do What They Did To Dr Sebi. The Pharmaceutical Industry Makes Trillions A Year From Sick People. Sick People Are An Industry. If You Are Here To Heal People. Be Very Careful. Nobody Will Lose Trillions A Year Because Of You –

Going Against The System Leads To Death. There’s No Other Way. Look At What Happened To Dr Sebi. Nipsey Hussle & Those Are Just The Recent Examples. When Nat Turner Led A Group Of Slaves To Fight & Kill Their Masters. As Revenge. They Killed Nat Turner & Ate His Body. When Patrice Lumumba Tried To Free Congo. They Drove Him To A Quiet Place. Shot Him, Poured Acid On His Bones & Took His Front Teeth As A Trophy. These Are The Type Of People We Are Dealing With. Even Calling Them People Is A Favor On My Part. Steve Biko Was Beaten To Death For Fighting For Black People. Malcolm X Was Shot 15 Times For Fighting For Black People. Robert Sobukwe Was Placed In Solitary Confinement & Later Poisoned For Fighting For Black People & You Want To Tell Me That A Man That Looks Like My Historical. Culturally & Economical Enemies Dying On The Cross Because Of 3 Nails Is Supposed To Warrant Sympathy & Worship Out Of Me.

You Think Calling Such A Man God Is Going To Magically Make Me Surrender To A Belief That Cannot Even Be Proven Outside Fairytales. I Know Who My Prophets Are. I’m Not Confused. Malcolm X Is My Prophet . Steve Biko Is My Prophet. Nat Turner. Robert Sobukwe. Chris Hani. Thomas Sankara. Kwame Nkrumah. Patrice Lumumba. Dr Sebi & So Many Others. The Fact That You’ve Put Yours In A Book Doesn’t Invalidate Mine. These Are My Prophets. Their Message Was Black. Their Agenda Was Black. Their Revolution Was Black. I Cannot Adopt Your Prophets Because Your Prophets Have Nothing To Do With My Struggle As A Black Man. I’m Not From Israel. I’m Not From China. I’m Not From India. I’m Not Multicultural. I’m An African. Anyone Sent By God To Deliver A Message To Me Has To First & Foremost Look Like Me. Talk Like Me. Walk Like Me. Struggle. Live & Die Like Me.

I Have Nothing To Do With People Walking On Water. My Struggle Is Walking Down The Street Without Being Racially Profiled. Racially Abused. I Have Nothing To Do With People Waking Up After 3 Days. My Struggle Is Waking Up After 500 Years Of Brainwashing. 500 Years Of Character Assassination. 500 Years Of Victimization. Your Prophets Are Not My Prophets.

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