Man arrested after his girlfriend’s l#feless body with a br%ken neck was found in her apartment in Akwa Ibom
A lady identified as Uwakfon Sunday Akpan has passed on after she was allegedly k#lled by her live-in boyfriend, Godwin, in her apartment in Akwa Ibom State.
It is reported that she was m¥rdered on Tuesday, September 13. A report by human rights activist, Levite Akpan said, “The deceased is my cousin and was making preparations to bring her daughter back home. She had spoken with my mum on how she could assist her daughter to get to a transport bus to take her to Uyo where she stays. Uwakfon had made arrangements with a driver that will bring her daughter back to her. On Monday night, she called my mum to know if her daughter was set to go cause she was supposed to leave on Tuesday, which my mum told her where she’ll meet with the driver and her daughter.

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