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Zambian police officer reportedly k#lls his wife and ends it all after discovering she was marrying another man

A 29-year-old Zambian police officer identified as Albert Kamasumba, k#lled his estranged wife, Deborah Kasakula before sh@@ting himself de@d after he learnt that she was getting married to someone else

The incident was said to have occurred on September 20, 2022 in Ndola. According to local media, another version of the report said Deborah left the police officer because she was tired of constant ab¥se. The couple had separated for some months & Deborah had gone back to her parents in Ndola’s Kawama Township

After learning that she wanted to marry another man in Kitwe, he went on rampage and sh@t her & another family member said to be her sister. “It is alleged that after knocking off from work today, the officer went to his wife’s house in Kawama & sh@@t her & her sister then later her ran to Pamodzi Community Police Post where he sh@t himself outside,” one officer told the media

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