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🇳🇬 How will President Buhari be remembered when he leaves office in less than 150 days?

We’ve taken a holistic look at the President’s impact on the Nigerian economy. With the help of stears ..

We will remember him as the only President to lead Nigeria into two separate recessions (2016 & 2020) since official records began in 1983

Under his tenure, the naira lost half its value, and despite promising to create additional 15 million jobs, only one in three young people have full-time jobs.

The results do not improve when looking at specific sectors. For instance, the oil sector, Nigeria’s cash cow, is crippled, and Nigeria has been producing less oil than ever in the last 40 years.

From our 2.5 million barrels per day production, we’re now producing less than 1 million! We are now the fourth-largest oil producer in Africa, behind Angola, Algeria, and war-torn Libya.

To be cont ☕️

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