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On spending, the Buhari administration has maintained a simple mantra: spend, spend, spend. In 2021, it disbursed ₦12 trillion from its budget, three times what it spent in 2010 and nigeria current public debt is at N Nigeria’s Public Debt Hits N42.8 Trillion. .. You that you’re reading this and your kids are probably among those who will be paying this debts back with your sweat 😓 “ They don’t care “

In other words Total Public Debt of Nigeria is now N42.84 Trillion. Add the N11.03 Trillion Borrowing Component of the N19 Trillion 2023 Budget, Nigeria’s Total Public Debt by June 2023 will rise to N53.87 Trillion…

2 days ago buhari still seeks Senate’s approval to borrow fresh N402bn


What will buhari be remember for 🤔


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